Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun Memories

Every afternoon I pick Ashlynn up from her babysitter (who we have loved and respected for many years) and start our 6 mile ride home. We point out horses, cows (MOOOO) and most of all big yellow school buses. Depending on the time I get her, which is usually between 3 - 4pm, the number of buses we see vary. Whenever we spot a bus we both scream! Don't know how that started, but its pretty funny. Yesterday we saw 7 buses, an overload of horses and cows.

I laugh all the way home at her expressions when we round a corner and see one of these three special things to her.

I know we are making memories in her little mind to last a long time.

One of my favorite memories of my children growing up is the Christmas light game. Whatever side of the car you are sitting on is the side you look for houses with lights on them. You count 1 per house and whoever has the most on their side wins. We still play this, after all these years.

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Anonymous said...

We still play the Christmas light game! So fun