Monday, November 17, 2008

Grandbabies Galore

A little over 2 years ago my family consisted of my wonderful husband of over 30 years and my three wonderful daughters, along with their husbands. We found out about our first blessing in the making and couldn't wait! My unbelievable first grandchild was born. Perfect beyond belief and more beautiful that anyone could ever imagine, Ashlynn came into our lives.

As quickly as they grow, and because of her being brilliant, she has grown into the most fun toddler ever.


I have the opportunity of picking her up each day, for a couple of hours, before mom gets off work so a part of my day is made up of playing tea party, rocking dolls and coloring Elmo pictures. What more could you ask for.

Then along came Makayla. This is the grandbaby I never thought we would have from our oldest daughter, but what a little cutie she is. Sweetest personality in the world. Always smiling, the biggest eyes you've ever seen and a true blessing from God. She laughs at whatever I do, which is always a compliment to me!
Look at those eyes!!

Last, but certainly not least, is our first GrandSON, Abram. We never thought that we would have a BOY! Oh my goodness, he is a model in the making. He looks like a little man with his styling hair and designer clothes. What a doll, but given his parents, what else could he be!

Check out his outfit, hair and look!

A little cowboy in the making - and what is hotter than a cowboy anyway, is our little Abram.


Mandi said...

Hey Gail!
You're not even being biased - you're right - they are all so ADORABLE!!!! Christmas will be fun around your house this year:)

oh amanda said...

Seriously, Abram is a MODEL! WOW!

They are all adorable!! What fun for them to grow up together---so close in age.